CO2 Laser Engraver – What Can It Do?


Co2 laser engraverToday’s modern technology has the power it seems to overcome all problems of  mankind. I wish it did.  The use of laser technology is increasing in popularity day by day. Due to low maintenance and power ranges of the CO2 laser tube it’s only going to continue to improve and grow.

Laser engraving is semi-new technology that utilizes a laser beam to cut different types of organic and metal materials.  It’s mostly used at an industrial level for manufacturing applications. But now it is also being used by small companies, educational institutes and by hobbyists. Industrial laser cutters are used for design creating across many materials. This specific laser engraver (image) is designed for small engraving projects intended for hobbyists. At one time building parts or carving wood materials meant several hours with heavy tools, but now you can easily create a more intricate design with the help of a laser.

The right software for the right task is the most important step while using desktop laser cutter. The software actually communicates with your laser cutter and graphic software on which you are working. A reliable and efficient USB is required if you want to engrave good quality models. Most desktop laser cutters have glass CO2 laser tubes in the back cabinet.  Their power is measured in watts. They are truly the heart of a laser cutter. The quality of a laser tube plays a very important role because it is the part from which everything gets done.  My experience with buying this kind of machinery is to choose the best quality CO2 laser.  It doesn’t mean you need to spend tens of thousands but it also doesn’t mean to buy from Ebay either.

If you want to engrave cylindrical objects like glasses, bottles or aluminum cylinders etc then rotary attachments plays very beneficial part. These attachments allow for the rotating of cylindrical blocks on a horizontal axis so that they can be etched in a perfect way without any hurdle. These attachments are not offered in every desktop laser cutter. But if you are planning cylindrical objects to be etched then it is highly essential for you.

A standard small laser cutter focal lens will often come available with different focal lengths. They perform different functions and are generally classified in inches or millimeters. The focus lens is used to focus the beam to cut or etch material.  A 3 or 4″ focal length or higher helps to cut thicker material with more clarity and finish. So,  focal lens length for any laser machine is critical for working with various material thicknesses.

Where can you shop?  Some of the bigger companies are Universal, Trumpf, or Trotec.  Affordable options can be found at as well.  It’s best to call or visit the companies you’re interested.  Also, understand that the least expensive machine may cost more in the long run.

A desktop laser machine is an important tool that makes the manufacturing process faster, easier and more precise. Now you can easily design and create anything.  Whatever you think or want on your personal computer you can almost ‘print’ onto the material. This machine proves as a best choice for hobbyists and owners of small companies to get better outcome in a short time.

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